A 'Family-Friendly' Cryptocurrency Project - Pigzbe
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A ‘Family-Friendly’ Cryptocurrency Project – Pigzbe

There is little doubt that raising children to be financially-literate gives them a competitive edge over their peers who don’t understand how finances and monetary systems work. The Pigzbe Project aims to teach and empower youth with a ‘family-friendly’ cryptocurrency.

Pigzbe Replaces Piggy Banks With Piggy Wallets

In days past, one of the simplest ways to teach children about the value of money was to use a piggy bank to tuck away loose change, as well as holiday and birthday gifts. The goal? To get that piggy bank busting at the seams!

Fast forward to present day. The introduction of cryptocurrencies and digital assets offer an alternative way for people of all ages to save, as well as transact business.

The Pigzbe project offers family and youngsters access to a tangible digital piggy-wallet. This wallet uses Wollo or WLO – the Pigzbe network’s native token. Parents and guardians can use the wallet app to safely and quickly transfer pocket money to youngsters. Additionally, it can get used as a gaming device that controls Pigzbe inside the app, as well as a secure cold storage device to keep Wollo tokens safe.

Currently, there are two Pigzbe models available to users. The Pigzbe Pink model serves as a game controller and notification device for younger users. The Pigzbe Black model works as a cold storage device for adult users.

Features of the Pigzbe Pink model include Interactivity with a six-axis motion control and dual button game controller; multimedia support with a vibration motor, LED matrix, and a speaker to provide tactile feedback when gaming. Secure Bluetooth and Wifi give connectivity to get balance updates.

One of the most notable features of the Pigzbe Black model is that it works universally with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stellar Blockchains. Secure boot and AES-256 encryption keep your private keys safe and secure. Additionally, encrypted Bluetooth 4.0 empowers users with the ability to sign wireless for transactions when they are on the go.

About The Wollo (WLO) Coin

In support of the Pigzbe project, a public token sale is scheduled to begin in June 2018 for the Wollo token. The total Wollo Token supply is 675,000,000. 1 Wollo has a tentative value of $0.12 per token payable using ETH.

June also marks the spot for the anticipated launch of the Pigzbe Beta app. Recent milestones in the roadmap include becoming a registered Swiss company and full release of the project whitepaper.

To find out more about the Pigzbe project and anticipated developments, please visit the project website.

*As is the case with all digital tokens, cryptocurrencies, and ICO offerings, it is the user’s responsibility to check for availability, eligibility, and legality in their jurisdiction.

pigzbetoken - A 'Family-Friendly' Cryptocurrency Project - Pigzbe
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A 'Family-Friendly' Cryptocurrency Project - Pigzbe
The Pigzbe project and supporting Wollo (WLO) token seeks to help parents teach their children about financial literacy.
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Coin Observer
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