Acorn Collective Seeks To Provide Free Crowdsourcing Platform
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Acorn Collective

Acorn Collective To Provide Free Crowdsourcing Platform

The Acorn Collective seeks to provide users in all eligible countries access to free crowdsourcing, regardless of the size of the project. In today’s digital age, Crowdsourcing has become a legitimate way for people and organizations to raise funds for causes, projects, and innovation. However, this revolutionary way of crowdfunding projects isn’t widely available to many innovators who live in currently non-supported countries.

Democratizing Crowd Sourcing At Acorn Collective

One of the most significant obstacles that people or projects face when seeking crowdfunding is access to a crowdsourcing platform. Larger, established Crowdfunding Portals have a stringent vetting process for submissions, meaning that not all submissions are approved.

Crowdfunding has proven to be an outstanding success in the countries and users they’ve helped. However, popular platforms offer few opportunities for people and organizations seeking funding in emerging markets.

Further, once a Crowdsourcing campaign goes ‘live’ and starts collecting funds, these prominent platforms charge additional fees for payment processing and other charges. While the transaction fees may be relatively low, this still results in the project getting fewer funds for project use.

Acorn seeks to change the way people fund their projects by offering a free platform for any legal and non-harmful projects. It can get used in multiple applications including community-based projects, research, and development, business applications, real estate projects, or personal projects. With a vision to grow a vast ecosystem that supports projects from around the world, no plan is too small or too big! So long as the project meets all legal requirements, meets project approval criteria, and has people to back the endeavor, Acorn will provide a platform to get crowdfunded.

Other features and functionality that Acorn is going to offer include a Marketplace and Acorn Local which will allow users to conduct different types of business using the platform.

Main ICO OAK Token Sale Launches On April 28, 2018

April 28, 2018, marks the day when the OAK token is made available through their Main ICO to eligible participants. This initial phase ends on May 28, 2018. Funds raised during this Main ICO will get used for platform development, implementing growth and stability mechanisms, and funding revenue growth mechanisms.

In the roadmap looking forward, Q2 and Q3 will be spent fine-tuning the platform for further growth and expansion.


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Acorn Collective To Provide Free Crowdsourcing Platform
The Acorn Collective has a visionary goal to provide a free crowdfunding platform for underserved markets and projects of all sizes and nature.
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