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Ardor Could Be the Sleeper Cryptocurrency of 2018

business in hurry 1024x689 - Ardor Could Be the Sleeper Cryptocurrency of 2018Ardor is a new cryptocurrency and Blockchain-As-A-Service that is currently in the Top 40 of market capitalization. So far ARDR has not been receiving a ton of attention and has been trading at low volume. That makes sense because it’s a new type of technology that only went live this year. However, the project is uniquely positioned to tackle the corporate markets and will likely find adoption rapidly.

As always, it’s crucial to ask, “what problem does this technology solve?” With Ardor, there are a number of features that aim directly at the corporate sector by solving persistent issues that

  • Child-chains – Child chains are available for companies to use and are very flexible. Corporations who want to adopt child chains will be able to do so quickly and easily. The best part for many businesses is that they will not need to run their nodes to gain the benefits of a blockchain. Instead, they can rely on the network, which reduces the complexity of installation and the demands for ongoing security substantially.
  • Blockchain-As-A-Service – this concept follows traditional cloud computing “as a service” models and will appeal to enterprises who consumer products and services following that paradigm.
  • Proof of Stake and prunable transactions – this is the first blockchain technology to offer BOTH features. The ability to prune transactions is a way to avoid the “blockchain bloat” that affects many cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin. Having to store large blockchains increases costs and reduces performance. A Proof of Stake system is energy efficient because no mining is required and the transaction pruning saves data center resources. Although there may be nothing technically “green” about blockchain technologies, this solution is undoubtedly greener than alternatives.
  • Decentralized Asset Exchange – This is not a unique feature, but the functionality is built in directly to the wallet, allowing for simple to use decentralized asset management.

Rough Distribution Period Could Offer Buying Opportunity

ardor wallet 300x261 - Ardor Could Be the Sleeper Cryptocurrency of 2018The cryptocurrency ARDR benefits from child-chain use. IGNIS is the first child chain that will receive a boost in volume. Holders of NXT were given ARDR and IGNIS on the launch of the new blockchain. For holders of NXT on altcoin exchanges, the distribution was not smooth. In fact, it’s taken most of January for the exchanges to declare the blockchain stable and usable and it looks as if the coins held on Bittrex are now in the wallets of investors. That means the new era for ARDR and IGNIS begins now.

As always, the key to price appreciation rests on how much usage the blockchain achieves. Due to the features, it seems likely that Jelurida will have no problem finding businesses and organizations who would benefit from a “hands-off” approach to integrating blockchain technology. Jelurida has also been making inroads in the public sector, particularly in Europe. They are teaming up with A-Trust GmbH, which is rolling out secure digital signatures to Austrian citizens. That project involves the NXT blockchain, but it proves that Jelurida is finding open minds in a decision-making position in Europe that could help spur mass adoption rapidly. Many companies and governments around the world are willing to listen to pitches about blockchains, and for many of them, the more “eco-friendly” nature of a Proof of Stake will appeal to them.

Jelurida also is partnering with ArdorGate to offer AEUR. That child chain token is pegged to the EURO. Even more compelling, ArdorGate also operates a web service that allows people to purchase ARDR directly from fiat using a MisterTango account.

So far the signs all look good, despite the fact many IGNIS users have been livid about their tokens not being available on exchanges. However, many of them will have short memories, especially if the token gets off to a strong start. Right now IGNIS is around 50 cents, and ARDR is just under a dollar. Considering how early we are in the development cycle, it could be worth picking up some IGNIS and ARDR and locking them away for awhile. It’s possible that at the end of this year, those holdings could be one of the most valuable components of your crypto portfolio.

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