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Asset Token AST

Asset Token Aids In Managing Reward and Loyalty Programs

There is little doubt that consumers love the benefits that Reward and Loyalty Programs offer. After all, if you’re spending money anyway, why not get a bonus for your allegiance? Asset Token is a Commercially Ready Utility and ERC20 Token designed to help in the management of company Rewards and Loyalty programs.

The primary objective of the AST project is to provide a seamless deployment of a secure and transparent rewards/loyalty program that implements blockchain technology. Financial Institutions who offer this option to vendors and merchants are empowered to process transactions from customers immediately and accurately. Cost-effective, the technology can get used everywhere in the world.

Upon official release, any Merchant or Bank that utilizes the technology can use Asset Tokens (AST) to reduce even more costs associated with processing transactions.

Looking To The Future Of Credit Card Reward Programs

One of the most significant threats to merchants who offer rewards or loyalty bonuses for users is the risk of fraud. When using the AST network, there is a higher level of security because each token is encrypted, making it impossible to forge or replicate them. Further, the Asset Token ERC20 protocol easily configures within the existing infrastructure of the banks who use them. The goal is to make it a straightforward and feasible solution for financial institutions of all sizes to add to their product and service offerings. Further, it can help financial institutions appeal to a younger, more forward-thinking demographic of the bank customer.

How Consumers Benefit From Using Asset Tokens

The best innovations in technology are ones that make life easier or better for the people who use them. Not only does the team behind Asset Token plan to seamlessly facilitate transactions for financial institutions and banks that adopt the tokens, but there are also plans to give consumers more options and flexibility in managing these rewards.

For instance, consumers will get the option to transfer their rewards points with other participating merchants giving them the flexibility to use their rewards as they choose. These rewards can get used and redeemed online and offline. Another attractive option for crypto-enthusiasts who adopt the technology is the ability to trade rewards for ETH and other cryptocurrencies on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Essentially, this approach could get used as a non-conventional type of Cashback reward. For individuals who are already active on these exchanges, having the option to turn less desirable reward and loyalty points into crypto is an excellent idea.

AST Project News

In recent project related news, Venture Capitalist David Drake joined Asset Token board advisor team Advisory Board. Mr. Drake has extensive experience in the Finance Industry. He brings specialized skills and diverse background in Cryptocurrency investing to the table.

Currently, the Asset Token is only available through a private sale to eligible participants. Registration for the Private Sale is required. Mandatory documents that participants must provide to register for the offering include a clear photo of both the front and the back of their legal Identification Card.

For More Information on the Asset Token (AST) Project, be sure to read their Whitepaper.

assettokenast - Asset Token Aids In Managing Reward and Loyalty Programs
Article Name
Asset Token Aids In Managing Reward and Loyalty Programs
Asset Token helps merchants and consumers manage their Rewards and Loyalty programs in the way that best suit their needs.

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