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Dog Days Of Summer

Crypto World Dog Days Of Summer Continues

The crypto markets could cause whiplash if you watch too much.

The violent swings in emotions about the prospects of the most popular coins manifests in wild daily price fluctuations.

The significant volume derives from trading in BTC, USDT (Tether), and ETH, which comes as no surprise.

crypto summer 300x203 - Crypto World Dog Days Of Summer ContinuesEOS now commands 5% of the total market trading volume, which is impressive for a project that’s so new.

The markets are maturing, but there are lots of growth opportunities still on the horizon. A few trends worth looking at:

The Rise and Rise of Stablecoins

Stablecoins will continue to expand in market importance. The inflow into crypto is mainly from institutions now, and they don’t trust the inherent instability of the markets. Traders love trading every day, so stablecoins have a chance to help bring market pricing in line. Projects like DAI and MKR are appealing and are beginning to assert themselves as trader favorites.

Platforms Keep Expanding

The rise of the platforms. It’s no secret that crypto projects are no longer looking to be “coins.” Many of the largest, enterprise-style projects are hoping to create the type of scale that lends itself to self-sustaining transaction-based ecosystems. Someday, many of these projects will likely consolidate, but for now, many big players are hoping to establish long-lasting footprints due to their technological vision. Expect EOS and other bleeding edge projects to catch on quickly.

Signs now clearly demonstrate that there are numerous viable digital currencies with substantive technical and human resources in operation. Their strategies and moves will determine the “future of money” over the long term. Money continues to flow into cryptocurrency from all industries and the four corners of the world. There seems little chance that the energy surrounding this sector will ever run out. It’s an exciting summer for crypto investors. It’s also a thrilling ride for those who trade daily.

The last piece of the puzzle is adoption. Right now could be the time when one or two significant projects achieve new levels of market penetration. Which ones are your favorites?

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