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EOS Continues to Captivate Investors and Increase Market Capitalization

EOS is one of those cryptocurrency projects that effortlessly captures (and holds) the imagination of the enthusiasts, early adopters, and long-term supporters.

New technology will also win the hearts and minds of people who love tech and understand how it has the potential to change the world. They don’t get too excited about the average, undifferentiated project. However, when a new spin on the subject comes into play, they embrace it wholeheartedly.

eos testnet - EOS Continues to Captivate Investors and Increase Market CapitalizationEOS has a world famous dev team and a plan to build a scalable blockchain operating system that will help DAPP builders go to the next level.

One of the critical features of EOS that makes it distinct from alternatives is the fact that users won’t pay fees to use the network. Rising costs are a source of complaints for many, and may be slowing down the adoption of established cryptocurrencies. Indeed, a zero-fee environment will reduce friction substantially, which helps to facilitate rapid growth. That’s what any cryptocurrency needs to justify a high market cap valuation. EOS, despite not being live, already boasts of nearly 6.7 billion dollars. That just the beginning say investors like Todd Welker.

The most obvious comparison is to Ethereum, so the logical conclusion is that if EOS were to achieve the same overall market capitalization, the token would be worth $92 per coin. Currently, it’s over $9.80 on high trading volume.

There seems to be little doubt that EOS can achieve its targets and solve many of the current problems exhibited by other cryptocurrency projects. Advantages of speed, reliability, and scalability, could help this project grow faster and go farther than any current competitor. Right now, the Testnet is functional, and DAPP developers are testing their creations. The project is under the care of block.one, who will maintain the software, but are not launching or maintaining the blockchain or apps.

It’s Not Late to Purchase Tokens Before Launch

future now 300x189 - EOS Continues to Captivate Investors and Increase Market CapitalizationThe company is using a unique distribution that goes on for 341 days. That way, nobody can pretend that EOS just snuck up on them! The entire cryptocurrency community will have ample time to purchase tokens at market rates. Their ICO model did not use a fixed price but instead allows market dynamics to determine the value of a coin. With $288 million of EOS changing hand in the last 24 hours, it’s clear that this distribution will end up in the hands of a multitude of market participants.

Long-term holders have enough time to accumulate massive stakes. EOS is aiming at enterprise clients and has a chance to be a reliable building block for corporate blockchains. EOS also offers an alternative infrastructure that will attract a large share of investors, coders, developers, and business people. As time progresses, this new solution could become the go-to cryptocurrency that changes the game for a vast swathe of users worldwide. There’s no question that the world of crypto is getting closer to a global awakening, and massive projects like EOS are likely to quicken the pace. Right now, it appears that this token is adding enormous value ahead of schedule.

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