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Eventum Decentralizing Data Feeds in Real Time

In today’s digital age, people get barraged with information from a legion of providers including media websites, Social networking platforms, and video sharing platforms.eventum 290x300 - Eventum Decentralizing Data Feeds in Real Time

With this type of unbridled access to data, (as well as the ability for the information to get altered) it can be overwhelming for some Internet users to sift through it and make objective opinions regarding the material they are consuming.

Enter The Eventum Project

The Eventum Project, currently in Alpha, seeks to decentralize real-time data feeds. The project is unique in that it relies on crowdsourced news and reporting. Feeds are accessible using a real-time API.

Earn With Eventum

Eventum offers users of the Platform multiple ways to get EVT tokens for contributing to the project. People who add to the platform – or Reporters – get paid for sharing their experiences.

Users may also participate in “Events” to provide valuable feedback on tasks such as detecting suspicious activity captured on a video surveillance camera, gathering data, content filtering and monitoring, and a variety of other assignments. These Events get held at specific times and participants in the Event work together to establish a consensus answer or response to the corresponding query.

In addition to these methods of earning with Eventum, registered users may also choose to participate in Bounty programs to increase awareness and participation on the Platform. Users earn by completing bounty projects such sharing on Social Media platforms, referring friends to the project, creating promotional videos, and other undertakings.

Interested In Learning More About Eventum?

If you would like to learn more or you want to get involved in this project, visit the Eventum website to get started!

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