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Fishbank Is Your Chance to Own Extraordinary Crypto Fish

fishbank 300x196 - Fishbank Is Your Chance to Own Extraordinary Crypto FishFishbank is a new game the gives crypto HODLers their chance to own extraordinary crypto fish.

Virtual pets on the blockchain have become favorite items, and the trend looks likely to continue. Currently, Fishbank is offering people a chance to preorder fish before the game opens to the public in its final release. The advantage of ordering now is that you can purchase a price at a lower price than when only players are selling theirs.

The preorder fish are selling fast. There are no longer any “Common” ones left. That means you’ll need to plunk down your ETH for Rare, Epic, or Legendary ones. The currently most expensive fish is the Blue Shark. The higher price comes with extra power. The Blue Shark has awe-inspiring Power, Speed, and Agility.

Your fish will have a chance to level up by battling others. If it’s powerful enough, it can make it all the way to Level 20.

What Makes Virtual Pets Worthwhile?

blue shark 300x217 - Fishbank Is Your Chance to Own Extraordinary Crypto FishThe reason that a virtual asset is different than game assets in centralized games is that users own and maintain custody of their fish. The fish is not the property of the game developer but instead resides on the Etherum Blockchain as an ERC721 Token. These are non-fungible assets that live on the Ethereum blockchain and act as transferable stores of value. ERC721 tokens allow people to engage in one of their favorite pastimes, which is collecting. Further, the enable gamification of blockchain use cases possible, which is where Fishbank and its developer Chatrobotic enters the picture.

Chatrobotic is behind the creation of Fishbank and hopes to emulate the type of success that other virtual pet games like Cryptokitties enjoy. The developer has a lot of experience making stripped down games with an emphasis on having fun. Where they differ from the Crypto Kitties project is that they’re hoping to emphasis battle mechanics to enhance gameplay. As they explain in their White Paper, the primary purpose of the game is to increase the weight of the virtual character until it becomes the biggest fish in the ocean.

A crypto fish gains weight when it fights another fish and bites off a part! The additional weight increases the value of the winning fish. Now you can see why the Blue Shark, with its epic characteristics, already costs more than some used cars. The shark has an innate advantage over other fish which have lower numbers and therefore less capacity to perform in the fish-fighting arena.

How Do I Play Fishbank?

In order to play, all players need at least one fish. There are only two ways to get them. First, preordering one will “catch” one in the aquarium. After the official launch, you’ll need to purchase one from another player. To buy a fish you’ll need Ethereum, MetaMask, an account on Fishbank, and a web browser. Prices are going up on the fish and the lower-priced “Common” ones are sold out. You can still get a fish for under $70, but who can say how long that price will last?

Although there are no guarantees you’ll make “bank” on your fish, the concept is a strong one. Collectibles have a way of doing extremely well as a store of value. Games remain popular in the tech space and the blockchain can always use new applications to keep interest.

The game is currently in “Alpha” with an expected public release date of March 28, 2018.

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