The FriendUP ICO is an ongoing crowdfunding effort that’s raising funds for the development of the Friend Unifying Platform.

Friend Unifying Platform Is an Ambitious Project to Unify Web AppsThe open source project aims to help cloud-based apps quickly become friends. The software is free to download for developers who want to implement the technology. If you’re even remotely interested in technology, you’ll love the features that the Friend Unifying Platform is introducing. If you’re a developer, see for yourself by checking out the FriendUP Github repository.

Friend Unifying Platform Is Open Source and Empowers Developers

With this backend in place, developers can push one code base to every device imaginable. They won’t have to worry about a lot of details that in the past would slow down project developments. Instead, the Friend Unifying Platform will do the heavy lifting, seamlessly integrating APIs.

Please check out the FriendUP White Paper.  The document provides an outline of a vision to give ownership of network assets to those who produce it, instead of transferring all the value to a third-party corporation. The current model that built the social media monopolies is demotivational to professional content creators. Now, new networks like FriendUp are emerging to challenge their core reason for existing. For professional class social media users, there’s no valid reason to ignore systems like this where you can build equity.

It’s worth taking a look at the conception of the Friend Virtual Cloud Computer. Deployment of cloud resources, along with security and maintenance, cost small organizations much in money and time. This new approach allows for immediate implementation using templates. This type of easy to use system puts the power of production in the hands of content creators who may not have the technical capacity to run servers themselves. People will be able to harness a robust network with none of the startup or maintenance costs!

The FriendUP ICO Supports Project Development

The FriendUP ICO Supports Project DevelopmentThe FriendUP ICO is currently offering a pre-sale of tokens. The Friend Token itself will serve as “glue” for the O/S environment of the Friend Unifying Platform. FRND will make it simple for apps to share value with the network and for users to purchase payments. The Friend Store will offer a marketplace where buyers and sellers of apps meet. Participants in the platform have the opportunity to earn rewards every step of the way.

The Friend Unifying Platform is a project with a heart. It represents a democratization of cloud computing resources in a way that could liberate current users. Now, all of us are subject to the whims of dictatorial networks who make all of their decisions for their benefit. Without ownership stakes in data and in the system itself, what binds anyone to the digital identity they spend years crafting?

If you’re interested in this project and the ICO, check out their crowdfunding FAQ.

This article is not investment advice so do your research and make sure to check with all rules and regulations in your area before participating in any an exciting cryptocurrency project for anyone who sees the unlimited potential of decentralization. Putting the power in the hands of developers, end users, and content creators offer a way to take back the internet by the typical person. We’ll keep an eye out for more developments as the FriendUP ICO continues and the team progresses on their roadmap.

Friend Unifying Platform Is an Ambitious Project to Unify Web Apps
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Friend Unifying Platform Is an Ambitious Project to Unify Web Apps
The Friend Unifying Platform is a collaboration that puts users at the center!
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