Bitcoin Startup Capital SA is a new cryptocurrency venture that’s a company that runs two main undertakings.

The first venture is GroupBTC, which offers franchising opportunities for Bitcoin ATMs.

Bsc Tokens Represent One Share Ownership in Bitcoin Startup Capital SaThe second is BTCFacil, which builds and sells Bitcoin ATMs. BTCFacil is run by its leader Miquel J. Pavón, with a vision to implement full-featured Bitcoin ATMs that introduce crucial features necessary for mass adoption.

The group offers the token BSC to raise capital. Each BSC coin represents one share in the company and is tradeable on IDEX.
The BSC token offers a dividend with an annual interest rate of 10.56% with a dividend reinvestment option. Investors in the coin receive dividends based on revenue generated by the ATM network and its operations. As you’re probably aware, there’s still a ton of room for growth for these machines, especially in Spain where Bitcoin Startup Capital SA focuses its efforts.

Bsc Token Holders Receive Dividends Based on Operational Returns

BTCFacil sells ATMs directly to third parties for 10,000 EUR. Increased capital will allow the operation to build and market more ATMs. Revenues generated come from direct sales and ancillary network upsells.

Bsc Token Holders Receive Dividends Based on Operational ReturnsThe first BSC dividend of €2958.28 got paid on April 18, 2018. That payout represents a 0.00124 ROI.

BSC tokens are available for exchange with Euros, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Waves, And LiteCoin. There are no minimum or maximum deposit limits for people wishing to take advantage of the dividends. Investors have so far put in just over $700,000 to the project.

Visit the investment website to learn all the details about this offer.

BSC Tokens Offer Dividends on Bitcoin ATM Revenues

The project also now offers a franchise group opportunity at The franchising operation will accelerate the growth of the ATM network by selling franchises to qualified vendors. Business with high foot-traffic locations can use Bitcoin ATMs to create impressive ancillary revenue streams. BSC Token owners also benefit from all of the efforts of GroupBTC in the form of dividends.

This type of offer appeals to people who are holding relatively sizable sums of cryptocurrency but would like to put their money to work. Anyone who is bullish about the growth potential for Bitcoin ATMs in Spain will understand why purchasing BSC tokens is a relatively safe way to play it. Bitcoin Startup Capital already has an organization in place, working machines, customers, and revenues. With a stable cryptocurrency initiative to back their business operations, expect grown to be substantial going forward.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to research the rules and regulations in your area before deciding to buy BSC tokens. This article is not investment advice, and cryptocurrency ventures carry risk.

We’ll be watching for developments about BSC tokens, and we’ll update. The potential for Bitcoin ATMs is enormous, and BTCFacil has machines that allow third parties to easily and rapidly add additional revenue streams. Retailers, for instance, in high rent areas benefit by offering these types of ATMs because it signals to their clients that they’re cutting edge and it puts extra money in their pocket for no extra work. That readily answers potential customer’s question, “what’s in it for me?” Businesses, whether they’re struggling or not, love additional revenue especially when it comes to the bright idea of installing a Bitcoin ATM.

Get Your Share of Bitcoin ATM Revenues with BSC Tokens
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Get Your Share of Bitcoin ATM Revenues with BSC Tokens
What's not to love about a Bitcoin ATM? Giving people access to their Digital Assets promises to be big business. Find out how you can get involved in the growth!
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