Iagon (IAG) Adds New Members To Advisory Board
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Iagon (IAG) Adds New Members To Advisory Board

Iagon, a Cryptocurrency Project that has a goal of building a Global Supercomputer powered by the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence recently added two new members to their Advisory Board.

The two newest additions to the Iagon (IAG) Advisory Board are Phillip Nunn and Vladimir Nikitin. In their new roles, Nitikin will oversee the ICO process and serve as a Legal Advisor, while Nunn will serve as a Financial Strategies Advisor for the venture.

Phillip Nunn brings over 15 years of specialized experience in financial services, including Angel Investments, Wealth Management, and Commercial Property Investment. He founded the Blackmore Group in 2013. He differentiated his business by offering his valued clients authentic alternative investments that demonstrated the opportunity for sizable appreciation in the coming years.

The Iagon (IAG) Project Roadmap

The overreaching scope of the Iagon Project is to create a Secure and Decentralized Cloud-Based Platform that serves as a “one-stop” solution for providing services from the Cloud.

Users of the IAG Platform get empowered by having the option to mine and generate revenue by sharing extra computer processing and storage power with the decentralized network. This concept represents a sizeable opportunity for data centers and other computer networks to begin monetizing underutilized computer resources. Further, users can create Smart Contracts on their own without having to have any experience writing code.

Currently, IAG is in its Pre-ICO Stage. Smart Contracts are scheduled to become available in May 2018. Other milestones in the Iagon Project Roadmap include their Main ICO Launch in July 2018; Distributed Storage in August 2018; Distributed Processing in Nov. 2018; and the introduction of Integrated DApps in January 2019.

Currently, people who are interested in getting Whitelisted, reading the Whitepaper or Business Plan, ore reviewing the Iagon Roadmap can do by visiting their website.

*This article is not financial advice. As with any type of opportunity, it is your responsibility to do all applicable research, including legality and eligibility in your jurisdiction, before making a financial contribution. 

iagoniagtoken - Iagon (IAG) Adds New Members To Advisory Board
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Iagon (IAG) Adds New Members To Advisory Board
Iago adds two new members to their advisory board and moves ahead with their roadmap to offer Decentralized Cloud Services.
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