LaneAxis Looks To Innovative The Shipping And Logistics Industry
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Lane Axis

LaneAxis Looks To Innovative The Shipping And Logistics Industry

In a time in the world when access to data and information has never been more accessible, it stands to reason that this data will get used to streamline and innovate transportation, shipping, and logistics industries across the globe.

The objective of the LaneAxis project is to build a Shipper-to-Carrier direct optimization network using the blockchain technology. By using Smart Contracts, vendors, and merchants who use the blockchain protocol will benefit from significant cost-savings, better efficiency, as well as improve employee, vendor, and customer satisfaction using their US patented technology.

LaneAxis Offers Users A Virtual Freight Management System

At the center of this project is the development of LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management System. A direct portal, this interface connects carriers and shippers straightaway, eliminating the need to rely on third-party intermediaries that can cause delays or confusion when shipping. In essence, it cuts out the ‘middle man’ as it relates to getting alerts and updates on the progress of their shipments.

The LaneAxis Blockchain stores and verifies all essential data and documents required in a freight movement. All paperwork, including Insurance certificates, shippers contracts, registration numbers, and license information gets stored securely. When items are in transport, the LaneAxis ledger stores shipping data in real-time. GPS location tracking, proof of pickup/delivery, and exception management helps assure that you know where your items are at all times of the process.

By offering carriers and shippers a way to openly communicate and interact, LaneAxis empowers users to with real-time shipment monitoring, the ability to adjust geo-fence sizes, send and receive alerts regarding shipment status, and get an immediate proof of delivery once the items arrive for delivery.

LaneAxis will also continue to focus on growing out their vast network of carriers and shippers, offering people that use the platform more flexibility and convenience.

According to the Project Roadmap, beta testing with first shippers is scheduled to occur in Q1 2019.

AXIS Utility Token Sale Supports Ongoing Development

In support of the project, the developers of LaneAxis Project are currently conducting a Presale/Crowdsale of their AXIS Utility Tokens to eligible participants. The AXIS Utility Tokens power the LaneAxis blockchain. People who are interested in learning more about the LaneAxis Project or the Axis Utility Token may do so by visiting the Developer’s website.

*This article is not financial or legal advice. Readers are responsible for conducting all research, including legality and eligibility, in their jurisdiction before making any financial contributions.

laneaxis - LaneAxis Looks To Innovative The Shipping And Logistics Industry
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LaneAxis Looks To Innovative The Shipping And Logistics Industry
Learn how LaneAxis is seeking to revolutionize the shipping and transportation industry using their Blockchain-based data platform.
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