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Look Out YouTube – Viewly Has a Plan to Poach Your Creators

If you’re like me, you probably watch a LOT of YouTube. In fact, you probably watch more videos from your favorite creators on YT than on alternative, traditional media.

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Big Content Creators like Philly D Need Platform Alternatives

If that’s the case, then you’re probably well aware of a massive souring on the platform that is ongoing. Ever since Alphabet went after “poor content” and began to demonetize channels and personalities heavily, creators have been loudly complaining about their fate.

For years, up until such incidents as the Leafyishere update and the Adpocalypse fiasco began in earnest, those who once were in love with that platform have been dealing with eye-popping revelations. Even an erstwhile creator like Phillip DeFranco, who was probably one of the most supportive creators around, have been clinging to alternatives to deal with a landscape that is changing in favor of corporate interests. When even a legend like Philly D or H3H3 Production has to look for alternative revenues streams, it’s easy to understand just how difficult it’s becoming for video creators to earn their share of the pie.

Why Is Relying on Youtube a Threat to Creators?

The word “centralization” is perfect, to sum up, the problem with relying on a service like YouTube for your income. A centralized corporation like Alphabet has total control over the content on their system and can (and will) make arbitrary and capricious decisions that impact the revenue of creators. In fact, they can abandon the entire third-party revenue model if they decide.

Not only can an unfair ruling happen to a creator, but it also has and will continue. There are few, if any, protections that will stop a large enterprise like Alphabet from suspending or demonetizing anyone as they see fit. When this happens, they can forget finding out exactly why or discovering a resolution. Perhaps even more troubling, many creators (like Tim Pool) have been complaining of sudden, unexpected declines in revenue, also while increasing the popularity of their videos.

All of these issues are troubling, especially for hard-working creators who are devoting their lives to social media. If a viable, trustworthy alternative were in existence, it would empower these people to seek and embrace alternatives.

Viewly Eliminates Third Parties and Offers Direct Support to Creators

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Viewly Has the Answer to the Question, “What’s in It for Me?”

Viewly is a blockchain solution that eliminates the issues that creators currently face. By harnessing the power of the blockchain, they facilitate direct financial support for creators without any of the current red-tape. Viewly will not be selling ads to companies to support their platform. Video ads are annoying and are increasingly facing filters by ad blockers. Instead, they’ll adopt a community support model similar to the one pioneered by Patreon. However, since the platform will use blockchain technology, expect many enhancements over what an “old school” platform like Patreon. In fact, smart contracts allow for a limitless number of configurations for payments. This type of flexibility means monetization becomes a function of creativity, just as much as making videos.

There’s little doubt that many creators continue to seek alternatives. However, they run into a few familiar issues. Most notably, no other services come close to YouTube regarding its existing user base. Smaller competitors have trouble gaining traction, especially when competing with an aggressive, monopolistic entity like Alphabet. Still, anyone who has been watching creators for the past year realizes that many people are tired of the existing platforms and would gladly embrace alternatives, especially if they offer enough financial incentive to make the switch. The thing about cryptocurrency platforms is that they are built specifically to do that, so there’s a solid chance that Viewly will be able to become a legitimate competitor in a space that needs one.

Viewly will be reserving 20% of its total coin supply of 100,000,000 for distribution to influencers. The move is an obvious answer to the “what’s in it for me?” questions that always run through the minds of creators when it comes to switching platforms. To succeed, Viewly will need to skim top-tier talent from the world’s most extensive video service and the best way to do that is why cold hard tokens! Creators will likely jump at the chance to get their hands on tokens that have a significant opportunity for increasing in value, as opposed to hanging on to their diminishing supply of fiat currency which is grudgingly handed out once a month by their monolithic partners.

As an avid YouTube watcher, it seems to me that it’s only a matter of time until a substantial competitor arises to challenge the status quo of Adsense and YouTube. The system is archaic in technology terms, and the payment system is antiquated. There seems to be little doubt that a solid offering based on blockchain technology has a solid chance to disrupt the video creation space forever. Viewly just may represent that new Golden Era.

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