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Miner One Project Streamlines Mining For Profit

Mining is an integral aspect of generating Cryptocurrency coins without trading or purchasing them directly from exchanges. However, many people don’t have access to the equipment, resources, know-how, and network capacity needed to start and manage this type of operation. Costs related to running even a first enterprise add up quickly when you factor in expenses such as electricity to power miners, a dedicated high-speed internet connection, and computing resources.mineroneproject 300x200 - Miner One Project Streamlines Mining For Profit

Miner One, currently in Crowdfunding Stage for their MIO Token, seeks to offer people an affordable way to get involved in mining without all of the risks of traditional mining. The Miner One project uses cutting-edge servers to optimize mining results. This project doesn’t rely on the cloud or mining pools and touts access to inexpensive Swedish electricity.

Miner One Seeks To Solve A Common Mining Problem

According to information available at their website, MIO Token holders will earn 37% more than what a home-based miner would make trying to go it alone. As you can imagine, the larger the pool of computer resources is capable of solving blocks much faster and more efficiently than a single (or even small) pool of computer resources. For individuals who are more interested in mining profits than managing a mining farm, this could be an interesting play on the market.

A Strong Team And Well Laid Out Project Roadmap

The team behind the MIO Token Project is almost 30 people strong, each bringing their experience and skills to the project development table. The Miner One Roadmap includes getting added to Exchanges, launching their B Wallet, adding an Android and iOS app, as well as offering a Miner One Debit Card to qualifying members throughout 2018. The first expected payout on profits is forecast in August 2018.

MIO Tokens are honored for the lifetime of the project, as long as the mining activities remain profitable. Early Bird Discounts are available on the purchase of MIO Token until Mar. 31, 2018.

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