Iagon (IAG) is a Cryptocurrency Computing project with a vision of reimagining cloud computing by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect users with decentralized applications and services provided by blockchain technology.

With over 20 key Iagon Team members behind the project, including experienced advisors, management, full stack developers, project leads, and community managers, this project is currently in the Presale of IAGON (IAG) Tokens for two more days. The Presale is getting facilitated by the Dragonchain website, as the project is an incubator on their platform.

New Iagon Partnerships Announced

New Iagon partnerships and strategic collaborations with Oracle, ImmVRse, Neureal, Pecunio, and Bitnautic recently got announced by the Iagon team.

As an official Gold-level member in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN.) As a Gold-level member, the Iagon team will develop, implement and sell services across Oracle’s entire portfolio.

In collaboration with ImmVRse, a London-based company, IAGON will provide a proprietary, secure and encrypted distributed storage solution, which delivers optimal decentralized cloud services. These services include processing power and storage solutions for users of the platform.

As one of the first adopters, Neureal plans to use Iagon’s platform as a distributed processing solution, once released.

Pecunio, a Dubai-based, professionally managed cryptocurrency fund signed a strategic investment agreement worth USD 2M. The motive behind the collaboration is to strengthen the foundation and progress of both company’s underlying assets and development processes.

Bitnautic is a company based in Switzerland. Bitnautic’s business model is to disrupt the transportation sector by connecting industry stakeholders, carriers, shipping companies, and shippers. The role of Iagon is to provide BitNautic with decentralized storage capabilities throughout the Early adopter program and beyond.

Opportunities For Miners

Computing and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have extra computer resources they would like to dedicate to backing the project will have the opportunity to do so by mining. Users who share their computer’s resources, including processing power and storage, have the convenience of earning cryptocurrency for sharing their utilities with the more extensive network. By doing so, miners and other contributors are empowering others with capacity and power.

People who want to learn more should visit the developer’s website for updates and more details on the project. The roadmap for the project is available here.

*This is not investment, financial, or legal advice. It is the reader’s responsibility to conduct all research, including eligibility and legality in their jurisdiction.

New Iagon Partnerships And Collaborations Announced
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New Iagon Partnerships And Collaborations Announced
Strategic new Iagon Partnerships help position the Global Supercomputing Project to serve multiple industries and verticals successfully.
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