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EOS Muscles Its Way into the Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

EOS Muscles Its Way into the Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

The price of EOS is experiencing a sharp upward trend in the last few days. In fact, the rise has been so substantial that the market cap for EOS is now the fifth highest in the world. A run up like this happens before a scheduled noteworthy airdrop. Holders of... read more

Binance May Head to the Friendly Land of Malta

Binance is not waiting around to spar with Asian regulators. Instead, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is close to moving its operations to Malta. The country, for its part, seems happy to welcome an industry leader to their island. Binance will offer... read more

Bitcoin Price Finds Its Bottom – Maybe!

The price of BTC has been wildly fluctuating for some time. For many, these vagaries of pricing revolve around regulation and adoption issues. At least that’s the way the story unfolds. However, speculation is all about price, trends, and movement. Still, major... read more

XRP Nearing a Key Psychological Price Entry Point

January 4th of 2018 was an unfortunate date to buy XRP. If that was the moment of your investment, you got your hands on XRP for $3.75 each coin. Now, a quarter later, each coin is worth .56 cents. Anyone who has been holding since that time will face a crisis of... read more

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