Pass Your Digital Assets To Loved Ones With Safe Haven
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Safe Haven

Pass Your Digital Assets To Loved Ones With Safe Haven

While no one likes to spend time thinking about our last day on Earth, the truth is that not thinking about it or planning for it ahead of time can lead to a lot of loose ends and forfeited assets. Having arrangements in place helps assure that your final wishes get carried out.

Safe Haven Offers A Solution For Distributing Digital Assets

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts face a unique problem. Without a clear and easy way to transfer access or ownership of their digital account holdings, there is a considerable risk that the assets held in these accounts could get lost forever. The Safe Haven project offers a solution to securely saving complex passphrases, seeds, private keys, and more. The Safe Haven Project provides transparency and security for account holders, as well as heirs, and other stakeholders in the account, for ongoing management, oversight, and transitional needs using the Family Circle Share Distribution Protocol.

Your Family Circle Is Your Trusted Network

Users of Safe Haven select their Family Circle. This circle can include family members, friends, business associates, or partners. This exclusive circle of friends and family get granted access to the account using the TFC SDP protocol. This protocol, developed by Safe Haven Team establishes a circle of trust in the eco-system and can help in broader adoption of the technology, as new people get introduced into the ecosystem.

Build A Brighter Future

With Safe Haven, Cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts who use the Platform don’t have to worry about having their digital assets getting forfeited on the Blockchain when the day comes that they are no longer available to manage them. By creating a right of passage for these valuables, users are taking steps to assure that these assets can get transferred to the rightful recipients.

For companies and organizations, this right of passage could be critical for daily operations and succession. For families, the holdings that get passed to heirs could be the seeds of unlimited wealth as these tokens and assets appreciate over time.

If you would like to learn more about how Safe Haven can help you protect your digital tokens and other assets, visit the Developer’s Website or read the Project Whitepaper.

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Pass Your Digital Assets To Loved Ones With Safe Haven
Make sure that the Digital Assets you've worked so hard to accumulate are there for your loved ones with Safe Haven.
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