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Logistics Will Never Be The Same

Serve.IO Seeks To Disrupt The Massive Logistics Market With Their Blockchain Solution

Cryptocurrencies represent an existential threat to the old way of doing business because they dramatically target solutions to long-standing problems.

serveio 300x187 - Serve.IO Seeks To Disrupt The Massive Logistics Market With Their Blockchain SolutionAnyone who has run a small enterprise lately understands how fees can quickly eviscerate profits. Even worse, they come from multiple vendors. What if there were a way to lower these transactional costs, allowing the business principles to hang on more of their cash. The team at is focusing on introducing new cryptocurrency solutions that help level the playing field.

Another big issue that all service providers discover is trust. When you’re dealing with individuals and entities from around the world, verification is a requirement. Many smaller enterprises lack the resources necessary to do proper diligence, resulting in a loss by deception or fraud.

Consider a typical use case for pizza delivery. The vendor makes the requisite menu items based on the customer order. They send the request out to the client with a driver. The customer pays for the food order and associated fees and also incurs the delivery charge.

Reduced Expense Will Help Boost Market Participation

In this scenario, the user and the vendor pay more than they would with a more streamlined platform. Vendors who save money can pass them along easily to customers, creating a “win-win situation.” A significant area of savings promises to be in the area of reducing “platform costs.” Platforms make logistics easier to implement for businesses, but the price is steep, with some charging up to 40% per transaction. will offer an end-to-end solution that will tackle all of these issues and result in lower costs across the spectrum of platform services. The new cryptocurrency will also allow underserved countries to establish services which are now sorely lacking.

logistics - Serve.IO Seeks To Disrupt The Massive Logistics Market With Their Blockchain Solution

Logistics Will Never Be The Same

Equally important is that SRV will also institute a trust system for logistics. This development will help improve vendor and customer relations and will allow certain organizations to grow more quickly.

Another advantage of using cryptocurrency is it opens up a world of accessibility to outside developers thanks to API implementations. Serve Core will empower logistics companies to add the type of functionality they need.

The code is open source, entirely immutable and decentralized. This fact means that no single party controls the project, putting power into the hands of stakeholders. The Core will include features that people expect from the blockchain, including smart contracts, transaction data, reputation management, accountability and incentives for participation.

Boosting Transparency Will Allow Smaller Enterprises to Grow Quicker

Users of blockchains experience transparency in a way that few offline alternatives rival. There’s a comfort in being able to track transactions and customers through their entire lifecycle. With reputation management firmly in place, “bad actors” can be discovered quickly. Eliminating fraud and malfeasance improve operational efficiency while increasing the trust that people have in the system. Developing this trust will help emerging markets overcome potential customer objections, speeding up the development process.

Enterprise-scale participants dominate the logistics industry. These behemoth organizations will remain unable to maintain their advantage over smaller competitors in this new landscape. Serve Core and SRV have the potential to disrupt sectors like ride sharing, e-commerce, and final mile delivery. Small enterprises generally run distinct services and end up overpaying because they purchase services a la carte. That could all change fast with a unified blockchain ecosystem in place.

Focusing a cryptocurrency project like this on solving problems allows the project team to manage development more deftly. Businesses all around the world are looking for ways to save money to increase profits. Not only that, more of them than ever are aware of the pitfalls of allowing centralized service providers to handle all of their crucial business functions. It’s dangerous in a world where platform providers suspend services somewhat capriciously. Serve.IO will enable the stakeholders to maintain their operations much more democratically. Blockchains reduce friction and speed development through all areas of the supply chain.

If you’re interested in learning more about this project, make sure to visit their site. Investments in cryptocurrency carry a high degree of risk. However, it’s true that projects that develop their blockchains have the potential for enormous returns. In a real sense, you’re getting in on the “ground floor” in a newly constructed ecosystem, so if you have an eye to the long-term, the rewards have enormous appeal. Make sure to do your due diligence and check with all rules and regulations in your area to ensure compliance. The logistics industry is ripe for change, and this new blockchain project from Serve.IO is aiming at speeding that evolution along.

Yours truly, coinobserver will continue to monitor development.

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