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Skatt Offers a Free ICO Platform for New Issues

ICOs are a constant source of fascination for people who are new to cryptocurrency. These Initial Coin Offerings represent for them a chance to get in on the ground floor of the “next Bitcoin.”

skattio 300x205 - Skatt Offers a Free ICO Platform for New IssuesNew investors need as many ways to research ICOs as possible. A new platform, has an ambition roadmap to becoming a “go to” source for information on ICOs. The project’s goal is to create a platform where investors can research an ICO to avoid losing money. There are many notable projects in the world of crypto, but there will always be bad actors who release offerings that aim at transferring cash to the creators at the expense of investors. Education and tools are the ways to inform and educate the mass public so that they’re knowledgeable enough to put their funds in the best projects.

Free Listings Level the Playing Field for Less Well-Funded Competitors

There are many well-heeled crypto projects with tons of funding. However, decentralization means that every participant should have a chance at success. That’s not always the case with new projects that have to pay for every bit of exposure. A free platform like Skatt reduces friction and makes it inexpensive for projects with less money to find an audience.

ICOs are under regulatory scrutiny in many parts of the world and are under pressure from the SEC in the United States. As regulatory requirements rise, there could be a day when only companies with deep pockets or well-connected cryptocurrency developers stand a chance to succeed. What will happen to the plucky developer who wants to take on the world but doesn’t know the right people or possess the necessary funds to get the word out?

As crypto continues to become more corporate every day, it’s nice to see a project that will attempt to rely on donations and that gives back to the community. If you’re an avid ICO investor, it’s well worth a look at

Here’s their Telegram channel for project updates if you want to offer feedback on their new service.

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