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TalentSnap Aims To Streamline The Hiring Process

In 2018, there is little doubt that the way companies do business has significantly changed over the past few decades. Advancements in technology have empowered company owners and managers to standardize processes to help control everything from inventory to revenue forecasting.

TalentSnap, (TSC) an ERC20 Token Project, aims to make hiring – another critical aspect of every business success story – easier by utilizing Artificial Intelligence to match the most advantageous candidates with the best-suited employer based on a variety of factors. The AI factors in thousands of indicators to determine a “FitScore” for each potential candidate.

How FitSnap Empowers Employers

To stay competitive in today’s hyperactive business environment, having the right people on your team have a direct influence on the failure or success of your venture.

When you work in the human resources department, discernment is half of the battle in determining if a potential candidate is right for your open positions. When you eliminate applicants who do not meet your requirements from the very beginning, you end up saving a lot of time, training, and hassle.

Ideally, you want to hire a job seeker who has the skills, experience, and the capacity to grow with your company. Enter FitSnap by TalentSnap.

FitScore uses proprietary Artifical Intelligence to leverage highly sophisticated algorithms with unique indicators collected from both job seekers and employers. Using this data, a FitScore gets assigned to the applicant ranging from 1 to 100. This number is calculated using a multifaceted algorithm that factors influences such as experience, skills, education, and personality traits into consideration.

Recruiting And Hiring Needs Continue To Grow

In 2017, companies and businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom spent nearly $240B collectively to recruit new talent and employees. Globally, this number exceeded $400B. With expected growth to be at least 10% year over year, this field is a hot one!

For small and medium-sized businesses, recruiting the best talent can be more challenging than for larger companies who are able to focus more capital towards talent attainment. TalentSnap offers an affordable, technology-driven solution for Organizations who might not otherwise have access to these hiring tools.

TalentSnap seeks to offer an affordable and vetted system to help employers connect with eligible talent using blockchain technology.

The TalentSnap (TSC) Offering

At the time of this writing, the TalentSnap (TSC) Token is in Pre-ICO phase. Eligible participants (not available in all areas and jurisdictions) who add a stake in the project during this time are to receive a 40% bonus for their interest. The ICO is scheduled to begin in mid-October 2018 and end on November 30, 2018.

One ETH is equal to 5,000 TSC Tokens. There is a total fixed supply of 403,333,333 tokens. 60% of these tokens are to get sold during all stages of the ICO. The remaining 40% is allocated for Airdrops, Bounty Campaigns, Reserve, Development, as well as disbursements for Advisors and Marketing Partners.

The TalentSnap ICO has a soft cap of 2,000 ETH and a hard cap of 40,000 ETH. If the soft cap does not get met, tokens will get burned and refunded.

If you want more information on the TalentSnap Project or their supporting TSC Token offering, please visit their website or read their whitepaper.

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