The Parsec Frontiers Crowdsale Begins April 27, 2018
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Parsac Frontiers

The Parsec Frontiers Crowdsale Begins April 27, 2018

If you are into MMO online gaming and using Cryptocurrency, now is the time to check out Parsec Frontiers. This game takes place in a virtual galaxy MMO blockchain.

Parsec Frontiers plans to implement Ethereum using an open, customized public chain. By doing so, users will reap the benefits of lower costs, faster speed, increased capacity, and smarter storage.

The Parsec Frontiers Roadmap

In April, the development team worked on the detailed game design and shared these advancements with the community. The Crowd sale for the Parsec Frontier project is scheduled to start on April 27, 2018, at 14:00 UTC.

In May 2018, Parsec Credits, the exclusive currency of the MMO platform will get distributed to eligible participants. Auctions for Starships open, as well. In July 2018, auctions begin for colony rights on 17 initial habitable planets in the game. Several major updates and releases are planned for December 2018. In February 2019, players will get the ability to extract and produce resources, as well as conduct in trading when the Interstellar Trade Exchanges get opened to users.

About the Parsec Frontiers Game

This project is for the development of an online game themed on humanity’s colonization of the planets and stars in the Milky Way. Beginning on the Earth plane, the actions of the players construct the future of the galaxy and dictate their destiny.

Parsec Frontier offer steadfast gaming universe with a timeline for advancement. Users are in a race to explore, expand, and exploit the riches and resources that await in the galactic world. As an entirely player driven economy which is backed and secured by blockchain technology, players can mine and refine rare elements, assemble state-of-the-art starships and defense systems. Further, players can buy, sell, and trade resources for profits on the planetary exchanges.

Financing The Project Via Crowdsale

Game development and the formal launch of Parsec Frontier will get secured through the Crowdsale. All eligible participants and contributors who purchase during the Crowdsale will get Parsec Credits, redeemable in the game. Additionally, the currency will get added to select cryptocurrency exchanges, so players of the game may also purchase Parsec credits from other vendors.

Objectives of the Parsec Frontiers Project include creating an immersive and engaging game world experience, assuring continued in-game functionality and operations, game development, providing users who participate in the crowd sale with unique services, and ongoing marketing for user retention and acquisition.

If you would like to learn more about the Parsec Frontier Project, you can visit the developer’s website, read the Project Whitepaper, or follow them on Twitter for ongoing updates.

*This article is not financial or legal advice. As with any investment, it is the reader’s responsibility to conduct all research, including legality and eligibility in your jurisdiction before making any financial contributions.

parsacfrontiers - The Parsec Frontiers Crowdsale Begins April 27, 2018
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The Parsec Frontiers Crowdsale Begins April 27, 2018
Fans of MMO Online Gaming and Cryptocurrency have a whole new galaxy - Parsec Frontiers - awaiting them!
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