Top Five cryptocurrency EOS continues on its tear.

The price of EOS in the past week has risen dramatically. The project is also now number five regarding market cap, an impressive feat by any standards.

The EOS main net is launching soon, and its safe to say that investors are pouring in ahead of that event. EOS has a ton of potential, and it looks like mainstream investors are quickly catching on to that fact. With a market cap over $11 billion before release, it’s easy to imagine EOS spiking much higher once people test the product for themselves.

The EOS Mainnet Is Coming on June 1st, 2018

Eosio Powers Decentralized AppsOn June 1st, the world will get its first look at EOS and 1,000 DAPPs to see what the platform is capable of and how it performs. Investors are salivating at the prospects that EOS will deliver an unbeatable value that will instantly transform business. Decentralized apps are appealing, and EOS plans to be at the center of their universe.

One of the hallmarks of EOS is that the token would enjoy wide distribution. This day 311 of the 350-day program to put EOS in as many hands as possible. On July 1st everyone will have EOS, and the fun begins.

EOS is built to be highly scalable. The new EOSIO Dawn 3.0 has a ton of features that ensure this platform can withstand massive adoption. With an enormous amount of development activity, it appears EOSIO Dawn 3.0 will be a polished release with a mind-numbing assortment of features. That means DAPPs will be available across a broad spectrum of consumer and business segments, spurring rapid economic development on the platform.

DAPPs Make Life EasierEOS is going to have a big 2018, and things are starting to gather steam now. The cryptocurrency arena is wide open, and EOS is a contender for the crown. The top five projects are all substantial and healthy competition between them is bringing out the best.  Expect a ton of innovation and new features coming soon.

Check out EOS.IO for more information.

Top Five Cryptocurrency EOS Continues Its Outstanding Rally
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Top Five Cryptocurrency EOS Continues Its Outstanding Rally
The cryptocurrency EOS has made headway and entered the rankings of Top Five status in recent trading. With scalability and an active development team, 2018 should prove to be promising.
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Coin Observer
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